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Foodservice Facility Design,
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An Immersion Program for Hospitality Professionals

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Transform Your Foodservice Facility with Expert Guidance

Join Foodservice Design BootCamp

Meet the top designers, consultants and equipment experts in the field and we’ll coach you to be a champion on your foodservice facility re-design team. Make your operation a success and and save your organization money. Learn the questions to ask, the players in the project and pitfalls to avoid. Top designers, consultants and equipment professionals will guide you through the process of building a foodservice operation — from the first blank space to final details.

Expert Coaching

Receive personalized guidance from seasoned professionals who will navigate you through every aspect of the redesign process.


Discover strategies to streamline your operation and save valuable resources for your organization.

Comprehensive Education

Gain insights into essential questions, project stakeholders, and potential pitfalls, equipping you with the knowledge needed for a seamless redesign journey.

Who Should Attend?

  • Facility Managers
  • Foodservice Directors
  • Project Managers
  • Budget Managers
  • Client Liaisons
  • Culinary Directors
  • Restaurant Operations Management
  • Anyone in a management or operations capacity undertaking a kitchen or dining facility redesign and construction project



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Maximize Your Budget

Avoid Change Orders with Foodservice Design BootCamp

Don’t let project surprises drain your resources. Learn how to steer clear of costly change orders and keep your project on track.

Change orders can be the result of:

Poor Planning

Design Errors
or Omissions

Deleted or
Additional Work

Change in Equipment or Finishes mid-project

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The 2024 BootCamp Faculty

Recognized as leaders in the industry, our faculty has worked with well-known organizations throughout the country, as well as globally. From healthcare to government to major corporations to universities, they have planned, designed and overseen the construction and renovations of hundreds of facilities. That’s a lot of brain power in one place!

Come to Foodservice Design BootCamp and learn from them.

Empower Your Project with Knowledge

Ready to take control of your project’s success?
Dive into the details and discover how knowledge can transform your foodservice operation.

BootCamp Alumni

BootCamp attendees have learned how to make their foodservice facility redesign a success while saving on unexpected costs due to poor planning or last-minute changes. BootCamp students come from:



Schools K-12

Business & Industry




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Learn From Experts.
Access a Valuable Network.

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